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Mardi Gras King Cake Isn’t That Easy


Most people don’t look at Mardi Gras as a big food holiday. But then again, I am not most people. My office was planning a big Mardi Gras party this week and, of course, my office manager, Kim, asked if I’d be interested in baking a few King cakes to help us celebrate. I said of course, but that my family didn’t have any of the traditional baby jesuses to put in the cake – we are Jews after all.

I looked up the recipe online and noticed it contained yeast. A bit more work than I was used to for a dessert, but I knew I could handle it. I got to work at 7 pm right when I got home from work. It was the beginning and ending of my night.

I decided to increase the recipe to feed the office. Don’t do that unless you are crazy or own a professional bakery. I let the dough rise for two hours and this was the result:

I know. It’s huge. I had to tackle that dough into 3 separate ring shaped cakes. Each was filled with a pecan, raisin and brown sugar mixture- with a little butter for good measure. The result?

At this point it was nearing 11 pm. I had an unbaked King cake on my hands. And I was tired. I had to let the formed cake sit for 45 minutes before baking. Waiting is super fun.

Words cannot begin to explain what this thing looked like when it emerged from the oven. It was actually 3 loaves. Enough to feed a small army, or some really hungry Mardi Gras celebrators. But it looked and smelled incredible. See for yourself.

I don’t even need to share the recipe because let’s be honest – you’re never gonna make it.

It was good. Really good. And it was way too much for my office. Did we finish it a mere two days later for a sizeable snack? Of course. They say whoever finds the baby Jesus has to bring the next king cake. I decided to put a plastic coin in my cake as a sub.

I’ll bet you can guess who found it.