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That Moment When…


fresh fish…your 4 hour layover turns into 8 hours in the Boston airport.

…jet lag knocks you off your feet (and into an unfortunately small room with bunk beds).

…you step into that European bakery and remember why you came back.

…your mom eats her ice cream while wearing gloves (inside).

…you wander into an incredible market with some of the freshest fish you’ve ever seen.

…paella is as common as pizza back home.

…you realize your dad is super easy to find in a crowd. And that is awesome.

Park Guell…the concierge recommends a restaurant that’s actually amazing.

…a chocolate museum is the highlight of your day.

…a breathtaking view makes you take 100 pictures.

…you share a bottle of wine for lunch. And a nap, too.

…you realize your parents don’t know how to take iPhone pictures. Like at all. Fingers in every frame.

bakery…after passing the same jaw-dropping bakery three times, you finally go in. And you wish you’d gone in every time you passed it.

…”breading out” becomes a phrase.

…a double-decker tour bus becomes genius rather than touristy.

…you find out your brother has turned into an adult. An adult who lives in a smelly dorm room, yet an adult nonetheless.

Sometimes when you go to Spain with your family, you have these moments. And they’re not ones you’ll easily forget – especially if you have the pictures to prove it.

Ginger Snaps


Sorry to disappoint you, but there are no cookie recipes in this post. I was trying to think of a name for a blog post on things I’m currently obsessing over, and could there be a more perfect name? I don’t think so. I’ll try to keep this a regular feature since tend to have a lot of obsessions, both food and non-food related. Oh, and this is inspired by one of my favorite blogs, How Sweet It Is, and the Tuesday Things. posts that make me laugh, force me to reread Thought Catalog articles and generally make me very hungry.

1. I’m currently making a Google spreadsheet of restaurants I want to go to when I’m in Barcelona in a few weeks to visit my brother. It’s pretty intense. There are like 5 columns. And maybe some color coding. If you have any suggestions comment and I will see if they are worthy enough for me to visit.

2. You know how you might read like two or three blogs regularly since you’re a normal, sane person? I just counted the blogs on my Google reader and I have…umm, 14. That isn’t even including Smitten Kitchen since you can only subscribe via email. It’s beginning to be a problem. But a really good one because I always have a few recipes each day to drool over/tweet/add to my Pinterest to plan to cook.

In case you’re super bored, they are: Joy the Baker, Spoon Fork Bacon,  Happy Yolks, 101 Cookbooks, A Cozy Kitchen, Cookies and Cups, Alexandra’s Kitchen, Annie Eats, Savory Sweet Life, Oh Ladycakes, Ezra Pound Cake, Table for Two, The Pastry Affair and How Sweet It Is.

Out of control.

3. I reorganized my Pinterest boards and I have an entire board for sandwich cookies. #necessary.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins4. These Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins with Streusel were pretty much as good as they look. I left out the nuts from the topping and they were still really, really good. If we’re being honest, they’re basically cupcakes that are acceptable to eat for breakfast. Jim Gaffigan knows the real deal about desserts. 

5. Restaurant Week starts on Friday. I’m not physically (although very mentally) prepared for this. February is more like Restaurant Month for me. I have reservations to go to NAHA, The Bristol, Pump Room, RPM, Girl & The Goat…the list goes on.

6. I’m aware that this isn’t at all food related, but Downton Abbey. OMG. Obsessed. It’s too good. I’m becoming anti-social because all I want to do is sit in my bed and watch episodes online. Mary and Matthew! Anna and Mr. Bates! I’m embarrassed but I’m not. At least it’s not The Bachelor…Oh, wait. I watch that, too.

7. Also in February is this. Who orders Savannah Smiles? My mom did.