That Moment When…


fresh fish…your 4 hour layover turns into 8 hours in the Boston airport.

…jet lag knocks you off your feet (and into an unfortunately small room with bunk beds).

…you step into that European bakery and remember why you came back.

…your mom eats her ice cream while wearing gloves (inside).

…you wander into an incredible market with some of the freshest fish you’ve ever seen.

…paella is as common as pizza back home.

…you realize your dad is super easy to find in a crowd. And that is awesome.

Park Guell…the concierge recommends a restaurant that’s actually amazing.

…a chocolate museum is the highlight of your day.

…a breathtaking view makes you take 100 pictures.

…you share a bottle of wine for lunch. And a nap, too.

…you realize your parents don’t know how to take iPhone pictures. Like at all. Fingers in every frame.

bakery…after passing the same jaw-dropping bakery three times, you finally go in. And you wish you’d gone in every time you passed it.

…”breading out” becomes a phrase.

…a double-decker tour bus becomes genius rather than touristy.

…you find out your brother has turned into an adult. An adult who lives in a smelly dorm room, yet an adult nonetheless.

Sometimes when you go to Spain with your family, you have these moments. And they’re not ones you’ll easily forget – especially if you have the pictures to prove it.

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