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Ginger Snaps


Sorry to disappoint you, but there are no cookie recipes in this post. I was trying to think of a name for a blog post on things I’m currently obsessing over, and could there be a more perfect name? I don’t think so. I’ll try to keep this a regular feature since tend to have a lot of obsessions, both food and non-food related. Oh, and this is inspired by one of my favorite blogs, How Sweet It Is, and the Tuesday Things. posts that make me laugh, force me to reread Thought Catalog articles and generally make me very hungry.

1. I’m currently making a Google spreadsheet of restaurants I want to go to when I’m in Barcelona in a few weeks to visit my brother. It’s pretty intense. There are like 5 columns. And maybe some color coding. If you have any suggestions comment and I will see if they are worthy enough for me to visit.

2. You know how you might read like two or three blogs regularly since you’re a normal, sane person? I just counted the blogs on my Google reader and I have…umm, 14. That isn’t even including Smitten Kitchen since you can only subscribe via email. It’s beginning to be a problem. But a really good one because I always have a few recipes each day to drool over/tweet/add to my Pinterest to plan to cook.

In case you’re super bored, they are: Joy the Baker, Spoon Fork Bacon,  Happy Yolks, 101 Cookbooks, A Cozy Kitchen, Cookies and Cups, Alexandra’s Kitchen, Annie Eats, Savory Sweet Life, Oh Ladycakes, Ezra Pound Cake, Table for Two, The Pastry Affair and How Sweet It Is.

Out of control.

3. I reorganized my Pinterest boards and I have an entire board for sandwich cookies. #necessary.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins4. These Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins with Streusel were pretty much as good as they look. I left out the nuts from the topping and they were still really, really good. If we’re being honest, they’re basically cupcakes that are acceptable to eat for breakfast. Jim Gaffigan knows the real deal about desserts. 

5. Restaurant Week starts on Friday. I’m not physically (although very mentally) prepared for this. February is more like Restaurant Month for me. I have reservations to go to NAHA, The Bristol, Pump Room, RPM, Girl & The Goat…the list goes on.

6. I’m aware that this isn’t at all food related, but Downton Abbey. OMG. Obsessed. It’s too good. I’m becoming anti-social because all I want to do is sit in my bed and watch episodes online. Mary and Matthew! Anna and Mr. Bates! I’m embarrassed but I’m not. At least it’s not The Bachelor…Oh, wait. I watch that, too.

7. Also in February is this. Who orders Savannah Smiles? My mom did.

Easy Nutella Cookies Are Easier Than You Think


Easy Nutella CookiesIt’s time for an intervention.

That’s what I’ve been told recently, at least. I bake so much that my hands constantly smell like butter. I have a cupcake carrier large enough to hold a medium-sized animal (it was a gift, at least). When I go to the grocery store, I’m constantly stocking up on brown sugar and dark chocolate just in case inspiration strikes. And I Instagram. Like, a lot. So much that my friends tell me I either need to open a bakery soon or slow down before my apartment turns into a real life Candy Land. While I wouldn’t mind having some Gumdrop Mountains in my kitchen, I do like to have an actual life in my spare time.

So, I found these cookies. I had to bake something for a Bachelor viewing party (don’t judge), and I didn’t have much time. Sean needed me. While we all know how much I love me some late-night baking, sometimes I have other things to do. Like being the editor for this awesome site called Chicago Foodies and posting some of my ridiculous original recipes there. If you don’t subscribe to our updates, we probably aren’t friends.

Anyways, I came across this Nutella cookie recipe and figured it would be perfect for a last-minute dessert. It only has five ingredients. What?! No baking soda, or spices, or even butter. Cookies without butter?! It’s madness. But somehow, it works. I hate to admit it, but this Ambitious Kitchen chick is really genius. She has some other cookies that sound okay too, like Nutella Stuffed Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt and Browned Butter Snickerdoodle Cookies. Browning butter makes everything taste amazing in case you didn’t know this already.

Make these cookies. Follow my one ridiculous sounding rule. Do not eat them straight out of the oven. This isn’t one of those lies your mom told you when you were little to prevent you from eating raw cookie dough. This is real. The cookies have to set and will completely fall apart if you don’t allow them to very thoroughly cool. Their texture is one of the best things about them, so don’t compromise it.

Easy Salted Brownie Nutella Cookies
Recipe from Ambitious Kitchen

Makes 1 dozen cookies

  • 1 cup Nutella
  • 2 tbsp light brown sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup + tbsp all-purpose flour
  • Sea salt
  • THAT’s IT!!!

Combine all ingredients with your mixer (omit the salt). Put your dough in the freezer for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Remove dough from freezer, and roll into 12 evenly sized balls. The mixture will be very crumbly, not unlike sand. It doesn’t look like cookie dough or anything similarly delicious, but it will be okay, trust me. Space them evenly on two cookie sheets, and press in a pinch of sea salt to top of each cookie. Bake for 8-10 minutes, or until the middle looks set.

The sides of the cookies might look a little thinned or burnt. You can fix that with a spatula as soon as you take the cookies out of the oven. Allow to cool thoroughly before removing from the cookie sheet. Refrigerate and serve cold or at room temperature.

These cookies don’t have a true Nutella flavor, so if that’s what you’re looking for you might want to just grab a spoon and go to town on the jar instead. They’re almost like brownie cookies. The salt is out of this world, and it makes these cookies incredibly addictive.

Eat one of these and try to stop. Then you might be the one who needs an intervention.