It’s Not You, It’s Me


So, um…this is kind of awkward. It’s been awhile. It’s been so long since my last blog post that I don’t even know where to begin. And I really don’t blame you at all. You guys have been great. Loyal readers. Me on the other hand…I don’t even know what to say for myself. But I guess I’ll try my best. So here goes.

I left Madison two weeks ago to return home and start my job in downtown Chicago. With the lowest (most realistic) expectations, I returned home to start the 9-5 routine of the rest of my life. Going in that first day I didn’t expect much, so what I found amazed me, and would probably be pretty cool for any non-food obsessed normal person too. Stocked fridge, fountain soda machine, Keurig coffee maker, magic bullet for smoothies, beer Friday AND a candy drawer. True story. And the people are pretty great too.

As I’m finally settling in to this new (and busy) chapter of my life, my brother is starting one as well. He’s leaving for Madison tomorrow morning to start off his freshman year. Lucky! My words of advice: wear shoes in the shower or you’ll get warts, eat Juston sticks from Ed’s and eat ice cream there too (but not every day or you’ll gain 15 pounds in one semester–true story). So in honor of his departure, and because I haven’t had time to bake so I have nothing to write about, I give you my favorite Madison food memories, what I miss about Madison the most.

Wisconsin Ice Cream

Yes, that is the Ginger Foodie herself, showing some affection for her one true love. Clearly the cold weather couldn’t separate us, and I won’t let a little thing like living in a different state pull us apart either. Long distance relationship? No problem. Well, there happens to be a Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream about 10 minutes away from me. I haven’t gone there yet, but I think about it a lot. Mint avalanche, yippee skippee, orange custard chocolate chip! I’ll never forget you.

Stella’s Bakery

My apologies for the lack of any food in this picture because Stella’s is AMAZING. And I don’t just love it for it’s spicy cheese bread either. Stella’s Bakery has the best everything. Scones, muffins, breads, cookies, empanadas–you name it. And I’ve tried it. My favorites are the strawberry scones, the honey whole wheat bread and the cowboy cookies. Now that I think about it, my parents will be at the market on Saturday…and that honey whole wheat bread is just too good to pass up.

Food Reviews

As many of you know, I spent my final year in Madison reviewing restaurants for a weekly column, “Let’s Eat for $7.70,” that I wrote for 77 Square. It was probably the best job I’ll ever have. I got to try budget eats around Madison at some great restaurants that I never would have been to otherwise. Or I would just revisit my favorites and get paid for it. Good deal. Pictured above is a hazelnut crepe with toasted almonds from Bradbury’s just off the Square. I would recommend it for a light breakfast or coffee. I basically got paid for eating. And now that I’m home I have to pay to eat. It’s a rough transition that I’m adjusting to.

Taste of Madison

Yes, that is who you think it is. Remember the girl who told me my white balanca was off? That’s her. Most definitely eating a veggie hotdog. She might kill me for posting this, but you probably can’t even tell who it is. Large Rayban sunglasses…those look like they might leave a sunglass tan. Anyways…The Taste of Madison is an incredible assortment of vendors around the Capitol and it’s only for one weekend at the beginning of September. There is way to much food to try, and last year was my first time so I had a lot to tackle. The good news? I will be in Madison next weekend!! For the Taste!! This also means there is potential for another blog post. I mean, you want to know what I eat when I’m there, right?

Well, I’m sorry this wasn’t as serious of a relationship as I promised it would be. I made false promises. I kept you checking Ginger Foodie for weeks. And all you continued to see was a very peanut-allergic friend of mine holding a losing plate of cookies. Sad. I’m not going to make any promises. I’m a working girl, and this is a lot of work. I’ll try to write as much as I can.  I will understand if I lose you, but it was good while it lasted. So…keep reading? At least say something! My dad is monopolizing the comments and I don’t think he’s too upset that I have a job. It’s hard to stay in touch, so comment/email/facebook if you can!

Don’t forget to text me Keith—you can get your updates on the diseases kids get these days from Mom, but only trust me for what restaurants to go to.


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  1. Hi marls,
    I read your blog every time you post something! just thought id say hi and let you know!! love you.

  2. I’ll try not to monopolize the comments, but that was a very funny post. I think that mom has already discussed the diseases with Keith several times, as well as many other things that she cannot control. Keep the blogs coming as they’re entertaining. I don’t know how you keep your girlish figure with the amount of mass quantities that you eat.

    Love dad

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