The Custard Bike Ride


Custard Bike Ride

This picture pretty much says it all. Okay, the obvious is yes, I do like ice cream. A lot. But look a little closer (I’m the ginger-haired one on the left) and  you’ll notice the athletic wear, slightly sweaty foreheads and maybe even a scraped knee (too embarrassing to explain in detail here).

On one beautiful summer day in Madison, my friends and I decided to take a bike ride–my first in my four years at UW-Madison. I always enjoy being outside and being active, but if you know me and how I like to spend my time, you know there has to be a catch. We rode our bikes to Michael’s Frozen Custard to enjoy a (very) early lunch and some outstanding caramel cashew custard.

Was the strenuous 10 minute bike ride worth it? Absolutely. Even if it had been an hour long ride I would have done it, all in the name of love for food. To me, food is worth making the trip for, splurging on at the farmer’s market or wrecking the smell of your kitchen for a week to fry homemade donut holes. The purpose of food isn’t just to satiate–it is to comfort, to celebrate and to cheer.

I like to think I have a more discerning palate than most. I’ve been cooking for years, baking with reckless abandon in my college apartment and food writing for various newspapers for some time. I’m starting this blog because…I like writing, I like food, I like the Internet and I like talking about food. So why not talk about food online? This blog will hopefully be a combination of my cooking/baking escapades, restaurant reviews and redheaded food thoughts. Enjoy!


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